Best iOS Apps for Dog Owners

There’s an app for everything these days.  Some apps are for play, some for work, education, and a myriad of other subjects.  Caring and nourishing your pets is the topic we’ll be focusing on today.  Here are the top apps related to dog ownership for iOS.  Checkout our Android version here.


Pet First Aid


Your pet’s life is a precious thing and we all have first-hand experience with our fur babies getting into all sorts of nonsense - some of which can adversely effect their health.  Luckily, with Pet First Aid, you have an interactive reference in case anything should come up.  Developed by the Red Cross, Pet First Aid currently boasts a 4.4 star rating on the Apple Store, which is nothing to scoff at, given how cynical and critical our generation is mobile apps.  We spent hours browsing this application and we can safely say that it’s well researched, comprehensive and extremely handy.  Thankfully, we haven’t had to test it in a real-world scenario yet, but Veterinarians we’ve reviewed the app with affirm that the advice given by the Pet First Aid is accurate and safe.  Given the positive first-hand experience we’ve had with the app at MOBF and the glowing feedback we’ve heard from our experts, we officially declare Pet First Aid MOBF Certified.

Pet First Aid on iOS by Red Cross

PetMD Symptom Checker


Have you ever hopped on to WebMD to look up symptoms you, or a family member were exhibiting?  PetMD works the same way, except better.  Once you launch the app you are presented with options to input your pet’s characteristics, followed by any symptoms observed.  Once pet’s symptoms are submitted, you are taken to a list of articles explaining what these symptoms mean.  The app seems very well curated and accurate, however, you can easily wind up with a list of alarming potential ailments - which will most likely not apply to your pets current condition.  That is not to say that the results are inaccurate, because they are.  It’s just really easy to scare yourself into a panic about your BFF, so it’s important to be cognizant of this panic phenomenon, which is also applicable when using the human, WebMD version of the application.  One last note about using apps such as PetMD and WebMD - don’t be an armchair Veterinarian, or Doctor based on information you’ve read online.  Because of the proliferation of medical research readily available online, every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to think they know better than their Vet because of “what they’ve read online”. 



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