Millennials Love Dogs the Most

Millennials are defined as the demographic cohort after Generation X and preceding Generation Z. Typically members of this generation are born between 1980 to the early 2000s, though it varies depending on who you ask.  What experts do agree on is that this particular generation sure do love their dogs the most; more than any other cohort in human history.  For the record, that's 12,021 years from 10,000 BCE to today.  Throughout this timespan humans and dogs have maintained a symbiotic relationship ensuring the survival of both species.  In fact, to say that our relationship with the canine species is a success would be an understatement.  

Dog ownership and adoption has steadily increased over this span of time, but millennials appear to adopt and integrate pets into their families much more than other cohorts.  As the largest pet-owning cohort, more than half of millennials have a dog.  This figure is even higher among individuals with steady jobs and college education.  Experts postulate that this could be due to many factors.  Millenials are much more likely to delay parenthood, marriage and home ownership, for example.  Whether this is due to the increased cost of living, and the sky rocketing costs of real estate relative to prices decades ago is up for debate.  Regardless, this generation loves dogs more than any other.  One theory espouses that because of the financial and social pressure to start a family, integrating a pet into your household fills a void that would otherwise be unfilled.


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