Look Out 2021 - Pet Fashion Collars Have Arrived

The arrival of pet fashion collars has implored billions of pet owners world-wide to question why their pets must go through life wearing bland monotone designs instead of stylish patterns, colors and flair similar to human clothing.  Especially since the latter function identically to the former and come at the same price point.  

Empowered by social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTock, pet fashion collars have injected a bit of excitement for pet owners when it comes to picking out pet supplies.  Now they are able to express individuality and style in their pets that may (or may not) reflect their own.  The benefits of this trend is not delegated to the superficial - the advent of electability and choice for pet supplies also presents an opportunity for pet owners to truly think about what they put on, or use for their pets - whether it be for function, training, or safety.  

Let’s take a look at a few examples of what this new trend in pet products has to offer and the various materials used.

Basic Nylon Webbing:

Furberry Plaid Dog Collar

This is an example of a basic buckle (or martingale) collar manufactured from nylon webbing and silver hardware.  Available in all sizes from the the super tiny, to the huge breeds, this collar invokes the classic and timeless plaid design, delivering style, form and function.



Stars & Stripes USA Dog Collar

A fully adjustable polyester dog collar with quick side release buckle, this bright and patriotic dog collar is durable, stylish and strong.





Dyneema Webbing:

NY Subway Graffiti Dog Collar

Described as the coolest dog collar around this one is made of heavy duty nylon and Dyneema webbing blend.  You may remember that Dyneema is a proprietary Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) material that is highly resistance to abrasion, friction.  In fact, it is 15 times more resistant compared to carbon steel, making it comfortable and safe for your pet while simultaneously being waterproof, windproof and sand-proof.



Vegan Leather:

 Stunning Rhinestone Studded Leather Dog Collar

Made from vegan leather, this edgy wide collar is a combination of high quality vegan leather that is soft, durable and adjustable.  Available in all sizes, this collar creates a classy-chic look for small and large breeds alike.






 Gradient Holographic Cat Collar with Bell

Reflective, sharp, and designed for both dogs and cats this polypropylene collar means that keeping your pet safe doesn’t mean they have to wear a boring collar.



Real Leather:

Napoli Collection - Italian Leather Dog Collar

You can never go wrong with real Italian leather.  Crafted from the finest Nappa leather, this collar ’s texture is so supple, I would wear it.  Also available with a matching leather leash.





The Sirena - Purple Mermaid Dog Collar

This collar features the ready watercolor rainbow ombre with vibrant collar.  Made out of 100% organic cotton and nylon blend, making it easy to clean with a soft damp cloth.


Purple Mermaid Dog Collar - The Sirena

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